Attention Police Officers, Fire Fighters, & EMS providers!


We are pleased to announce that local and provincial police, firefighters, paramedics and their families will be eligible for our reduced HERO RATES.

Our emergency service men and women help keep our community safe day in and day out. At FIT Clinic we would like to show our appreciation and say thanks!

Just like other patients, I have seen the positive impact that results from treating our local heroes. The personal elation expressed when they find relief from their aches and pains. However, their ability to perform better in the line of duty is what makes the most difference to not only them, but the community they are serving. Our local heroes may rest assured that nagging pain and injuries will not hold them back as they once may have. Performing at peak levels under duress is a necessity in the industry and there is no compromise.

If you are a LOCAL HERO or know a LOCAL HERO please contact us today @ 416-910-4992 and visit our website at

So once again, THANK YOU to our LOCAL HEROES!

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