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— Dr. Rashaad

Service Overview

Concussions are a part of life, not just athletics. Living with the symptoms doesn’t have to be. FIT Clinic provides concussion assessment as well as concussion treatment/management programs for patients who have sustained a concussion to get you back on the field or back to work in a safe and effective manner.

Concussion Treatment and Management, Concussion treatment Brampton

Assessment Protocol includes:

  • Neurocognitive Performance (ImPACT)
  • Balance and Postural Sway
  • Visual Coordination

Baseline assessments are also available for our athlete population prior to sport participation. A growing emphasis has been placed on objective baseline testing protocols that can be used to track an athlete’s recovery and serve as a tangible measurement for return-to-play readiness. By measuring an athlete’s “normal” level of functioning, we are better able to gauge the level of impairment that may exist post-injury by performing comparative testing.

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