Do Custom Orthotics Really Help?

Foot problems are no joke and can be painful and ultimately damage other areas of your body. That is where custom orthotics come into play in maintaining a healthy life. Helping to prevent any foot deformity or foot pain from getting worse, custom orthotics are specially designed insoles made to fit your foot’s shape.

What Are Custom Orthotics?

Custom orthotics are special shoe inserts designed to help correct and prevent foot problems and improve the overall functionality of the feet. Custom orthotics are a mould designed explicitly to an individual’s foot shape and size and take their unique anatomy, gait pattern and any existing foot condition into account when designing the custom orthotics. 

Whenever a foot issue occurs, checking the severity of the problem, custom orthotics can be prescribed by an experienced podiatrist or any other qualified medical professional. These shoe inserts are undoubtedly helpful in soothing tension, averting pain, minimizing pressure on specific areas and helping the foot stability and balance. 

Custom orthotics can be made for various types of shoes, like athletic shoes, dress shoes, sandals and many more. Custom orthotics are made from foam, plastic or any carbon fibre. These types of shoe inserts are not limited as well. 

Are Custom Orthotics Painful?

When foot pain becomes a severe problem, custom orthotics are prescribed. However, custom orthotics are not necessarily painful, but they can cause some discomfort in the very beginning. The discomfort is usually temporary as the feet adjust to these shoe inserts. Depending on the shoe type, foot injury and the individual, it may only last a few days to a couple of weeks. 

Most of the time, custom orthotics are designed to correct specific foot problems and improve overall foot functionality, which can help increase the quality of life. Any initial discomfort that can be caused initially is normal and just a fraction of the long-term benefits of custom orthotics. However, sometimes, discomfort may persist. In this case, it usually is advisable to get the custom orthotics checked out to a podiatrist who prescribed them in the first place for an evaluation and require adjustments if necessary. 

The Benefits of Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics offer many benefits for individuals currently suffering from foot pain. Due to the severity of the foot problem, custom orthotics may become an essential part of life. So, Do custom orthotics do more harm than good? Those looking to improve their quality of life and ensure that their foot problem does not become severe over time can benefit from using a custom orthotic shoe insert. The benefits include:

  • Alleviating pain
  • Improving posture
  • Enhancing performance 
  • Increasing comfortability 
  • Providing support and balance

Due to the foot condition, work and balance may become more challenging. Hence, leading to poor life quality and terrible pain. Custom orthotics are essential for those who want to live a better life. It helps to alleviate pain in the feet, legs, knees, hips and even the lower back area. By redistributing pressure to the entire body, custom orthotics can help in pain management. While also improving posture and balance, enhancing performance, specifically for athletics and increasing their durability and stability. 

Due to foot pain, problems can arise when it comes to comfortability. Custom orthotics can help increase comfort by reducing any friction that may occur and pressure on the feet. It makes walking, standing, and even running easier for more extended periods.

Do Custom Orthotics Really Help

How Long Do Custom Orthotics Last

There are many benefits when it comes to custom orthotics. However, durability is one of the most critical factors. The lifespan of custom orthotics depends on several factors, such as the frequency of use of the shoe insert and the type of activities performed while using the orthotics. 

On average, the typical custom orthotics can last anywhere from 2 to 5 years with the required care and maintenance. Not only do custom orthotics depend on maintenance but also daily activities. The more active a person’s lifestyle is, the shorter the custom orthotic lifespan. More activities include running and jumping. High-impact lifestyle can lead to your custom orthotics deteriorating more quickly than usual. 

The more physically active you are, the more trips you make to the podiatrist or orthopedist to assess the condition and repairs of the custom orthotics. Also, proper care, such as avoiding moisture and extreme temperatures, can help extend the shoe insert’s lifespan. It is also recommended to replace the custom orthotics when wear and tear signs appear to help provide the proper support to your feet. 

Final Words about Custom Orthotics

ISo, What is the average cost of custom orthotics? The cost of custom orthotics can vary depending on many factors, such as the materials used for the design complexity. On average, however, the cost can be between $300 – $800 or more depending on materials, design and location. Some insurance plans may even cover a portion of the cost if a doctor prescribes a custom orthotic medical condition. Custom orthotics can help lead a better life with proper functionality to the feet if required. 

There are many benefits to leading a healthy lifestyle while having foot trouble. Some people suffer unknowingly because they have no idea that custom orthotics exists. Due to this, they lead a life full of discomfort, and their quality of life deteriorates over time. Making sure you lead a comfortable and healthy lifestyle is the main reason to get custom orthotics prescribed and ensure that proper foot function and stability are a regular part of your life.

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